I have known Jennifer for the past 26 years, and 24 years ago, she was the friend I asked to both share in the experience and to support me during the birthing process of my daughter Helena. Jennifer was the perfect person to have by my side because of her unique combination of qualities. She is extraordinarily gentle, warm and nurturing, and at the same time, organized and proactive. These characteristics made her a wonderful help to have by my side while giving birth.

I was the same age my daughter is now when I had her, so writing this letter now is particularly poignant for me. I was the first of my friends to give birth and was separated by an entire coast from my family; and having someone like Jennifer to support me was a blessing. She was incredibly invested in her role and took a natural joy in being part of the process. In addition to being loving and enthusiastic about my birthing journey, Jennifer was detail-oriented leading up to the birth and helped me establish a plan with my husband that made us feel supported and more confident.

Jennifer was everything I needed her to be. While she made sure I had what I needed, she was never overbearing and had an incredible instinct for when I was not able to express what I wanted and to provide it. She has a beautiful and relaxing voice, which I found both soothing and encouraging.

Jennifer is a joy to have by your side during the birthing process. I highly recommend her.

~ Rachel M.

Jennifer is an amazing doula and I can’t say enough about her. As an older mom I had some complications with the birth of my son. Jen was an amazing presence throughout, for both me and my nervous nelly husband. She was always calm and grounded as well as incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. I know she can also be a great advocate when appropriate. She's the good friend you always want by your side. Anyone who comes to know her can attest to her grace under pressure and her innate generosity of spirit.

~ Emily E.

When I gave birth to my first-born child, Jennifer Light was my doula. She is such a great doula, the best anyone could ask for. Jennifer is so loving, gentle, warm, kind, and very supportive. She was there for me, before, during, and after birth. I loved having her as my doula and I highly recommend her to the world! She is the best. She is awesome.

~ Grace S.