• Initial Meeting: a no-obligation, free 60-90 minute meeting at the location of your choosing to get to know each other and see if we’d be a good match.

  • Two Prenatal Visits:  I will come to your home to help you (and your labor companion) prepare for your birth. Some topics may include, but are not limited to, your birth hopes and desires; what to expect from your birth setting; nutrition and staying healthy; different comfort measures; and, any fears or concerns you may have prior to childbirth.

  • Being in Contact: Once we agree to work together, I offer prompt and responsive, ongoing email, phone, or texting contact during your pregnancy.

  • 24/7, On-call Availability: This begins approximately two weeks before your estimated due date.

  • Support During Early Labor: When you think you may be in labor, I will be available by phone to assist you in identifying labor, moving through early stage labor, and helping you decide when to go to your birth setting, if not planning a home birth. I will come to your location once it is clear that your labor has started and is progressing.

  • Continuous Support: I will provide uninterrupted support throughout your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum. This postpartum period usually lasts up to two hours, or, when you feel your questions are answered and your family is ready for some quiet time together.

  • Breastfeeding Assistance: I am available to offer help with initial breastfeeding, if desired.

  • One Postpartum Visit: I will come to your home within two weeks of your baby’s birth to talk about the birth, see how you are doing, answer any questions…and, of course, to see the little one!